14178 Arusha Tanzania

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for 2021 packages

  • 21 and 28 day can hunt Elephant, Lion, Leopard, 3 Buffaloes and all plains game.
  • 7 and 10 day hunts on shared license base can hunt 1 Buffalo each and plains game. 7 and 10 day Buffalo packages can hunt 2 Buffaloes each.
  • 12 Leopard and plains game package can be upgraded while on Safari for Elephant, Lion and up to 3 Buffalo (quota permitted, prices on request).
  • 16 day Lion, 1 Buffalo, plains game package can be upgraded while on Safari for Elephant, Leopard and up to 3 Buffaloes (quota permitted, prices on request).
  • Area change between Selous and Western Area (Lunda North) $1000

Charter Flights

Charter Selous northern and Tanzania central areas:

  • Per Buffalo hunter $ 24,000 (return flight). For big hunts $ 4,800 per hunter (return flight)
  • Charter Selous, Southern and Tanzania Western areas
  • Charters are with Cessna 208, Caravan 12 seater
  • Observers $550 (return)

Please note the following recommendations

  • For a 2 x 1 Buffalo hunt we highly recommend 10 hunting days.
  • Clients should be informed, that advertised hunts do not include cost for hotel (ca. $ 320), or any transfers to or from international airport to hotel.
  • Recommended Tips for staff is $ 100 per day and also $ 100 per day for professional hunter. Recommended deposits for Buffalo hunters on trophy fees $ 6,000  on 14 day hunts $ 10,000 and bigger hunts $ 20,000
  • Final accounts have to be settled in cash on departure date.
  • Clients are welcome to deposit more towards trophy fees in order to avoid travelling with too much cash
  • Import tax on ammunition (ca. $ 20–40).
  • Clients should indicate all the species they would like to hunt, in order to reserve the quota accordingly.
  • On shared licenses clients will have to share the buffs and the plains game, additional plains game only on request and quota availability.

Happy Hunting,

Peter Dafner

1. Reservations & Payment

  1.  Reservations can be made by contacting PD Safaris, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, or through the booking agent.
  2. Safaris are booked and confirmed only upon receipt of a deposit as follows:
    (I) When you book a safari, a deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the daily rate of your safari and full payment of government fees is required
    or a deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the package.
    (II) There shall be no binding contract until the deposit is paid. When the Company acknowledges receipt in writing of the deposit to you,
    it shall be deemed to constitute acceptance and confirmation of the reservation.
  3. The balance of your safari cost is due no later than ninety (90) days before the commencement of your safari. If the balance has not been
    received by that date, the Company shall be entitled to treat your reservation as cancelled, and consequently to forfeit such part of the
    deposit as determined solely by the Company.
  4. This Paragraph is applicable to hunting safaris only: The price quoted to you for trophy fees is subject to change based on
    (III) an increase of the trophy fee charged by the government of the country where your safari will take place and /or
    (IV) an increase or decrease in the total trophy fees as a result of a change in the species and /or number of trophies taken.
    In the event of an increase due to 1.4(I), you agree to make immediate payment to the Company upon their notification to you that the
    increase has occurred. In the event of an increase pursuant to 1.4(II), you agree to make payment to the Company, when requested, at the
    end of your safari. In the event of a decrease pursuant to 1.4(II), the Company will make the appropriate refund to you within thirty
    (30) days of the completion of your safari.
    (III) Note that in all cases, the published trophy fees of the year the safari is taken shall apply.

2. Cancellations & Refunds

  1.  Any cancellation of a reservation must be in writing and shall only be effective upon its acknow-ledged receipt by the Company.
    Cancellation fees shall apply in the following circumstances:
    (I) When a cancellation is effective more than ninety (90) days prior to the start of your safari, fifty percent (50%) of your safari costs will
    be charged to your account as cancellation fees. If additional monies have been paid toward your safari, these monies in excess of the
    cancellation fees will be refunded to you.
    (II) When a cancellation is effective less than ninety (90) days prior to the start of your safari, the deposit costs of your safari will be
    charged to your account as cancellation fees.
  2. If you are a “no show”, the Company shall be entitled to treat your reservation as cancelled without having given the Company any
    notice, and the provisions of Paragraph 2.1(II) shall apply.
  3. Any request to vary your reservation must be in writing and the Company agrees to vary your reservation as requested, it reserves the
    right to charge an administration fee, in addition to all other increases in rates and charges associated with the change, which is payable no
    later than seven (7) days after such notification. If any time prior to the departure or during a safari a variation occurs in the number of
    hunters or participants, the safari invoice will be revised to reflect these variations and will be subject to Paragraph 2.1 when applicable.
  4. No refunds are given for: (1) lost travel or substitution of facilities, areas, hunters, camps and dates, (2) itineraries amended after
    departure, (3)circumstances arising beyond the Company`s control, necessitating alternative arrangements be made to ensure the
    safety and/or further participation and enjoyment of your safari, (4) if you do not appear for any service, accommodations, sightseeing or
    trip segment without notifying the Company, (5) if you leave your safari after it has begun, miss any scheduled sightseeing, activities or
    accommodations, (6) failure to collect any specie that you may have sought to collect while on safari, or (7) rescheduling the area in
    which you hunt in order to make quota available for your safari.

3. Risks

  1. The Company draws your attention to the fact that there are certain inherent risks involved in participating in the type of trips sold by the
    Company. You agree that you participate in such trips at your own risk.
  2. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to take all appropriate medical advise prior to departure as to whether you are
    fit enough to undertake the trip that you have booked.
  3. By accepting terms and conditions, you acknowledge and agree that adventure travel, whether in civilized or remote areas, by auto,
    plane, boat, horseback, other conveyance, or on foot, involves inherent dangerous risks of injury, illness, death or loss and damage of
    property, which may be caused by negligence of others, forces of nature, and other causes known or unknown. You recognize that such
    risks may be present at any time before, during, and after the trip.

4. Force Majeure

  1. “Force Majeure” means, in relation to the Company, any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Company; including, but
    without limitation, acts of God, flood, explosion, tempest, fire or accident, war or threat of war, sabotage, insurrection, civil disturbance or
    unrest, or requisition, sickness, quarantine, government intervention or hindrance of any kind, weather conditions or other untoward
    occurrences, government concessions for safaris once made available to the Company are no longer made available to the Company.
  2. If the Company is affected by Force Majeure, it shall notify you in a timely fashion of the nature and extent of the Force Majeure.
  3. The Company shall not be deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions or otherwise be liable to you, because of delay in
    performance, or by non-performance of any of its obligations hereunder to the extent that any such delay or non-performance is due to any
    Force Majeure.


The Company strongly recommends that you obtain the following types of insurance, which are commercially available:

  •  Major Medical
  • Accidental death and disability
  • Trip cancellation
  • Loss of personal effects
  • Emergency medical evacuation

By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that the Company does not typically provide these types of insurance to you or
arrange them for your benefit, that the Company has no obligation to provide these of insurance for you, that the costs of these insurances
are not included in your safari costs payable to the Company unless expressly so stated on your invoice, and that it is your responsibility to
provide for these coverage’s if you want to have them.


  1. Although the Company hopes that it will not need to levy surcharges, it reserves the right to do so if this becomes necessary. The
    Company will endeavor to notify you in writing as soon as it is aware of any likely surcharge, and you must pay the amount of such surcharge
    no later than ten (10) days after written notification has been received, depending on the circumstances. Any refund made by the
    Company shall be in its own sole and absolute discretion. For the purposes of this provision, surcharges may include, but are not limited
    to, additional costs incurred by Suppliers as a result of new taxes, government charges, trophy fees, and the like.
  2. Gratuities for professional hunters, professional guides and camp staff in Tanzania are always welcomed and appreciated, and most
    instances serve as an important supplemental income source.


You agree that you and any minors or non-hunting observers that are traveling with you shall comply at all times with the instructions of
the Company representatives of the Suppliers. No client shall be accepted or permitted to continue on a safari while their status of mental
or physical condition is, in the opinion of any representatives of the Company, the Outfitter or the professional hunter assigned to your
safari, such as to render them incapable of caring for themselves or make themselves objectionable to other clients or become a hazard to
themselves or other clients. The Company will not be responsible for expenses by such persons precluded from completing a safari for this
reason. Payment made by tavellers’ cheques and/or cheques, an additional 5% can be levied to cover bank charges.


It is your responsibility to ensure that passports, visas, travel permits, health certificates, inoculations, or other documentation required for
the trip are obtained and are in order. It is your responsibility to pay any additional costs incurred either by yourself or by the Com- pany
on your behalf, because of any failure by you to comply with such requirements.


Carriage by land, air and sea is subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier with whom you travel and to international conventions,
some of which may limit liability. Land, air and sea travel are also subject to operational decisions of carriers and air and sea ports which
may result in cancellations, delays or diversions, over which the Company accepts no liability whatsoever.


Temporary or permanent damage or loss of baggage is the responsibility of you or the carrier.


You must advise the Company in writing of any special requests, e.g. diet or facility, you may have when you submit your reservation to
the Company. The Company will attempt to meet any such requests whenever possible. Certain special requests may incur procurement
costs, which will be charged to your account. Any such charges will be communicated to you at the earliest opportunity.


The Company reserves the right without further notice to make use of any photography, film or video taken of you, minors or non- hunting
observers traveling with you, or of any other aspects of your safari by the Outfitter or Suppliers for general purposes without payment to
you and without your permission. If you make photographs or videos of your own available to the Company, the Company reserves the
right to make use of such photos. By providing such photographs to the Company, you grant the Company a perpetual, fully paid, nonexclusive,
irrevocable license to use such photographs or videos in the Company Marketing Materials or otherwise.


If you have any cause for complaint while traveling or hunting, you must immediately bring it to the attention of the Outfitter, and/or the
professional hunter assigned to your safari, whichever is practical at the time of the incident that gives rise to the complaint. Either or
both of these parties will attempt to resolve the situation, contacting the Company when necessary to do so.

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