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Peter has been a professional hunter and fisher since 1992, with a tremendous track record of having enjoyed and mastered more than 11 different countries with his techniques and passion for nature. Peter has also appeared in several outdoor magazines, where his experiences, comments and tips have become a real trend in the whole hunting industry. As an active brand ambassador for many well-known brands; Peter Dafner is one of the top European Qualified Professional hunters with more followers and more social media activity in the last few years. This level has been achieved by his constant publication on digital magazines, social media and his very own youtube channel.

Here you will be able to see many of his films viewed by more than 1,000.000 people. The environment and protection of nature are Peter’s flags and making of Peter Dafner a great pioneer of the HUNTING with RESPECT for sustainable utilization of natural resources. With over 25 years of hunting trajectory, Peter Dafner counts with a selected team who is equally involved with HUNTING with RESPECT to make and create some of the most accelerating experiences in Hunting and Fishing in the world; having not only the experience and techniques collected from many years of tradition but also with his filming crew team that make every moment outdoors an unforgettable and replicable experiences for all.


For centuries we have been exposed to a certain assumption about hunting, the interesting side of this is that there is not much said about fishing; although we are strong believers in nature and its evolution, the roles in control, in sustainability and definitely in respect to others.

Our mission as sole individuals belonging to the passion for a collective roof of hunting, fishing and outdoor activities is to respect and support the sustainability of species by integrating us and understanding more theirs and our role in the ecosystem bringing a better conservation future. We are convinced that the respect for what we do today is precisely what we will get tomorrow; having nature as our best alley, we are committed to providing as much to it as it has brought to us.

We believe in Respect, Conservation, Sustainability, in Future

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Social Media has been playing a fundamental role in our lives and how we absorb information about the trends, products, brands, events etc. Peter Dafner is an earlier adopter in the social media arena, having created and published a tone of content related to hunting, fishing and outdoor activities. As a brand ambassador, Peter has contributed tremendously to companies in the process of GO-TO-Market strategies, supported the launch of new products from top manufacturers, discovered and displayed forgotten hunting lands and regained the magic of a traditional and millenarian passion for hunting and fishing.

Follow-ups on our social media channels and you will always be connected not only to the latest trends but the be informed about new company representations, events, product innovation via Peter Dafner Youtube Channel.

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