16 Days Lion, Buffalo & Plains Game Safari

This is adrenaline pur and not for the faint-hearted. 🙂

The way we hunt is to walk up to the baits early morning, just with the first light. When you hear the Lions roaring and fighting for the best spot to get some meat, you better be ready for adventure.

Please note: only males aged 6 years and older may be hunted, not within a pride with cubs.


Combination for one client with One
Personal Hunting
Daily Rate 1 : 1 $ 1,600 per day $25,600
Government Hunting License $1.250
Government Conservation Fee $3.150
Packing / Dipping / Crating of Trophies $1.950
Government Trophy Export Tax $500
Gun Import $ 250 per Gun $250
Concession Fee $ 200 per Day $3.200
Community development $ 200 per Day $3.200
Total $39.100


Additional Observer Fees :

Daily rate per non-hunting client $290
Government Conservation Fee per day $120
Total $410


Category: .

Additional Species available, quota permitted


1st Buffalo $2,800
2nd Buffalo $3,300
Impala $700
Hartebeest Lichtenstein $950
Warthog $650
Wildebeest Nyassa $1,500
Zebra $1.600


Prices of the Safari Packages do not include:

  • International flights
  • Trophy fees as per current pricelist
  • Transfer to/from the hunting areas (road/charter transfer)
  • Beers, wine and spirits (can be bought at camp)
  • Hotel before and after the safari
  • All personal expenses
  • Tip for PH and camp staff.


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